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There are many causes for skin pigmentation, including the use of certain medicines, sun exposure, inflammation and even pregnancy.


Whilst it is impossible at this stage to remove pigmentation marks completely, we Purely Scienced it and created a serum that will lighten the skin and help to prevent the formation of new pigmentation.


Melanin is produced by all humans and is responsible for our hair, skin and eye pigmentation. It is a protector of the skin, especially against sunburn by producing more and more melanin the longer you stay in the sun.

That is how the brown tanned skin that so many seek after is produced as protection against skin damage.


Fortunately, there are several molecules available to us so that we could “Purely Science” skin brightening for our customers. The pH of facial skin is around 5 to 6. This is important, because it is then imperative to produce skincare products of a similar pH.


We did that, of course. But knowing that, excludes something like Vitamin B3, used in many brightening serums, because it is unstable at pH 5.5, causing redness and dryness.


Purely Science Brightening serum contains shea butter, Vitamin C phosphate and a combination of pigmentation busters, Alpha Arbuten and Kocic Dipalmitate.

Brightening Serum

SKU: 0003
30 Milliliters
    • Hyaluronic acid
    • Shea Butter
    • Marine Collagen
    • Vitamin A Palmitate
    • Lactic Acid
    • Squalane
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