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At Purely Science, we know all too well that many women struggle with cellulite, in fact up to 90% of them do.


We also see how expensive cellulite creams can be, and many of them contain ingredients that lack scientific justification. Purely Science has developed an exceptional cream that aims to improve skin hydration and elasticity, which are the keys to effectively fighting cellulite.


We opted for a cream because it allows us to combine both water-soluble and insoluble ingredients in one product. But we didn't stop there – we went a step further and devised a unique delivery system that penetrates the skin and delivers the ingredients where they are needed. You could say we "Purely Scienced" it.


Each ingredient in our formulation plays a vital role, and our delivery system ensures they reach the target effectively.

Cellulite Lotion

SKU: 0001
R900,00 Regular Price
R720,00Sale Price
250 Milliliters
    • Deep Eutectic Solvent System that delivers the active ingredients right to the cells that need them. (DES)
    • Caffeine for anti-oxidant properties, skin hydration and activation
    • Marine Collagen enhances skin elasticity, rebuilding, age preventing.
    • Hyaluronic acid improves firmness, moisture, and elasticity.
    • Vitamin E for its anti-oxidant properties hydrates the skin and keeps it hydrated
    • Shea Butter anti-ageing, soothing, hydrating properties
    • Jojoba protecting, anti-aging, hydrating properties
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